Microshop IKE, a small company established in April 2000, which provides technology solutions and services to individuals and companies in the wider area of Athens Greece. Our Company is one of the most progressive computer solutions providers. It offers a broad spectrum of interrelated hardware and software services suited to fulfill the ever-increasing demands of today’s fast paced IT market. These solutions and services are provided to various industries such as Private Health, Renewable Energy and commercial companies.

We have been at the forefront of innovation across various vertical markets providing turn-key systems, online and batch computer processing, unique products, including dedicated and professional technical support. The company continues to broaden its coverage in software development, systems integration, facilities management, maintenance services, call center, and technical support services, among others.

We have our own premises, located in the city center 5 minutes’ walk from the Metro station. We also have our own data center and we offer a great range of state-of-the-art services including co-location, networking, managed hosting, cloud services, storage, disaster recovery as well as many others. Hosting your computing and/or telecommunications system in our datacenter, provides fast, efficient and economical connectivity options to other telecommunications providers, as well as your customers.


  • We are proud of our dedicated employees who have a sense of urgency, professionalism, and eagerness to serve.
  • We have a team of technical support personnel who are experienced, and proficient in handling onsite maintenance services.
  • We are committed in delivering nothing but total customer satisfaction and in exceeding customer expectations.

The continued growth of the company requires maintaining the staff qualification in order to assure the ongoing quality of services offered by the company by means of staying in touch with the latest achievements in the field. The staff participates in various training programs, seminars and conferences of the leading companies in the information technology industry.


  • Computer systems - desktops, workstations, LAN appliances, Servers with services such as installation, maintenance, repairs etc.
  • Notebooks and handhelds with a full range of accessories.
  • Printing and multifunction - printers, faxes, copiers, all-in-one, print servers and network software, large-format printers and plotters.
  • Digital imaging and audio - scanners, digital projectors, digital audio devices, digital senders and photography.
  • Storage - from storage area networks SAN, disk arrays, network-attached storage NAS, server-based storage, disks, storage media.
  • Servers - super scalable servers and appliances for tower or rack-mount devices, internal system expansion or simplified clustering.
  • Networking - home networking, switches and hubs, network software, modems, wired and wireless topologies.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) building between different subsidiaries or remote locations of enterprise, medium, small business.
  • VoIP systems building.
  • Software distribution.
  • IT skills and knowledge trainings.


  • To be the top of the mind company when it comes to maintenance services in Athens Greece.
  • To become one amongst the top Information Technology companies.
  • To be one of the more respected technical services company to offer immediate solutions to our customers.


  • To be able to market and distribute top quality brands and solutions.
  • To be able to service government and private institutions by providing technical support and expertise in relation to their IT needs.
  • To be able to provide quality technical management and outsourcing services.
  • To be able to respond quickly and satisfactorily to client’s questions and in accordance with the stated service levels.
  • Contact us for professional references and customized IT suggestions – we are your full-service IT provider in Athens Greece.